Monday, 18 June 2012

Farewell Canterbury

I had my last day in Canterbury this friday. My last exam (finally) was at 9:30am then I've packed my stuff to be ready to go out. Well I spent my first year abroad (time goes so fast) - it was really enriching because when I left Toulouse I never had spoken in English and now I'm feeling more confident and ready for next year ... (I didn't say that my english was perfect, it's far away from that point.)
As I was really busy last days this post comes along news; I had my offer from Winchester School of Arts for the Fashion Marketing degree (if you know someone who has done one year in physics then swapped into a BA let me know!) 

I definitely cannot wait until October, I will be a fresher again but this time into a degree that I have chosen wisely after trying in the first place a BSc, start a new life into a new town.
I have no more excuse now I will post you my outfits and update my blog regularly. Thus I will also start my lookbook! I was to lazy to start it but I see more and more guys on LB now and I don't want to be the last one.

But what about fashion in that post? Just a few, there are no-shops in Canterbury only H&M, Zara, River Island, ... not the shop that you like as little shops with some original products. But I discovered one for men "County Clothes" it's a style very classic with such brand as Barbour.

Two floors with an old stairs in a wonderful oak wood; sport jacket, blazers and trousers are upstairs with a lot, a lot of blazer. Ties, polo, shoes and jackets are on the first floor. You ask the team for everything they are really friendly and always available when you need it. The price range is not too bad you pay for what you get and I think that it's the most important thing. I would had taken pictures from the inside but I was too shy to ask for it.

I will ask the next time I will be in Canterbury!

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