Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Print is back again

Last year we could have seen a massive come back of the print in our wardrobe, and this year carries the previous trend but with a floral touch more related to a sunny spring than a hot summer. From Etro to Burberry the print was on every catwalk. Obviously McQueen does a lot of floral print since many collections but this SS13 is like a meeting by all DA saying yeah let's do some floral print! Last year I bought a floral jumper from Czech Republic from Aloha From Deer, I was a bit in advance on that trend as last year we saw the print coming back but in a more general way as you can see on this post from May of last year.

After having started this post, the amazing floral print collection by Raf Simons for mr Porter came out. I have nothing else to say, judge by yourself, I could buy the entire collection if I had the money! I already have a floral print jumper from last year but this kind of piece is really nice, we will see if after my summer I can get one (print on navy) jumper or the short!


  1. Floral is definitely 'in' this season, there's something whimsical about them, having said that I'm not a fan of the collection by Raf Simons, I just think the designs look a bit half-arsed.
    But I do like the first one you've put up by Sandro I think it says?
    And I had a look at the previous post in May and noticed that I commented on it saying I wasn't a fan of the trousers. Strangely enough the pattern on the trousers kind of featured as a shirt on my blog :P

  2. Haha glad to see you here Jay! That's what I thought when I saw your post I was like ermmmm .... yes he changed his mind (for the best!) And yes the two first pieces are from Sandro, a French brand I am pretty sure you've heard of them!

    1. Yeah I think what I didn't like about last Summer's print trend was that it was mainly about aztec/tribal.
      like this:
      But the floral thing happening now somehow works. So I suppose I have changed my tune in that I'm liking floral a lot more now and aztec looks okay in the right 'quantity' i.e. not like the link I've posted

    2. So do I, I do not really fancy aztek/tribal (I would like to wear the aztek print of Burberry from last SS12 but I think it'd be the only one).

      This floral is pretty nice I have to admit, less abstract for me and much more easier to wear!