Thursday, 24 May 2012

Gallerie Lafayette Catwalk Event

This is my first outfit picture, not my favorite one because it’s for a competition at the Gallerie Lafayette, therefore it is a real casual outfit (a better view, because I don't usually wear trousers coming up to my navel, so just have a look here sorry for the mess ;) )

Eyewear: Tod’s  
Knitwear: JackWills 
Chino: Gant Rugger
Socks: Archiduchesse
Car shoes: Bobbies Shoes  

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The jumper is navy but the contrast is actually not good enough to show the right colour. Socks are raspberry (kind of a bright raspberry colour). The chino is a petrol blue- which matches the navy jumper perfectly.

The car shoes in caramel, are from Bobbies- a French brand established in Paris. I have worked for them in Toulouse as a salesman. I did it great, I made some sales, if you travel down to Toulouse, you'll remember my post!

By the way the socks are handmade in France.- they have plenty of colours available on their website.

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