Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Angela Ahrendts left, what's behind? Creativity.

We all know by now, that Angela A. is leaving her Chief Executive position at Burberry to join Apple in the middle of next year, obviously she did an amazing job by holding the business and she has this sense of the market that mades her successful into the fashion world. By recruiting her and a bit earlier the ex-CEO of YSL, Paul Deneve, Apple does not want to miss their attempt to reach the catwalk with their upcoming tech-wear lines, and to be honest I am quite hurried to see it. 
So who is the next Chief Executive of Burberry? The man who transformed the whole Trench line, the most conservatism line of Burberry, into one of the most trendy-social-networking garment from a fashion brand. By making the Art of the Trench in 2009 when he became the chief creative director, Christopher Bailey "rebranded" the whole line, by gathering customers from all around the world through pictures taken by themselves and shared on the official website of Burberry. It was way more than just a trench, from the beginning it was also a part of the company put in each trench but now it is a link, a lifestyle shared by all of these customers. As the chairman said in the video made by the company to announce the major change inside the company : "I have no doubt that Christopher’s vision and leadership, with the excellent management team in place, will keep Burberry on the forefront creatively, digitally and financially" - thus yes we have no doubt about the creative and digital skill of Christopher B. but will he be good enough to endorse his new role as CEO? Leading a company such as Burberry is not like running a local company, there are billions played there, but we can believe into their choice, if Bailey is the new chief executive of Burberry that means he can do it, maybe not easily but smoothly and surely. His creativity and digital sense will open some new possibilities and directives to the brand which may have not be seen yet in the fashion world. It is pretty obvious that he will encounter difficulties and hopefully his advisors will be there to help him to carry on what Angela Ahrendts has done for the company and carry it in the same direction where it is going now; Burberry is the current leader in the fashion world stirring the modern digital world and the luxurious world together.

+ From Reuters: Burberry also released yesterday morning recent trading results, revealing 17 percent growth in retail sales in the last six months. Total revenue rose 14 percent to £1.03 billion (about $1.59 billion at current exchange rates) helped by high single-digit growth in the America, and double-digit growth outside in the rest of the world. The company shares faced a lose of 6% because of the CEO departure it may regain its strength soon.

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