Monday, 14 October 2013

Rützou AW13

Susanne Rützou strikes once more with a delicate and really well-structured AW13 collection, she mades it so deep into her research by browsing through her knowledges, from history to contemporary art. This refined taste of minimal and luxury mixed together into a wintery collection made it perfectly to fit what Rützou wants. When I first saw this collection it reminds me of Anastasia and her environment, peoples she met in Paris and in Saint Petersburg, a blending of Frenchness and Russianness. Her tastes in colours and cuts made the whole thing above the common luxurious brands that we are used to see, she is just more quiet about it, her company remains and wants to remain independent. The red found its own place with a glamorous red dress and the trousers are made of this great masculin-concept, mixing an hunting spirit from the field and a luxury touch with the fabric, from the softest wool to a discreet silk.

This is exactly what fashion needs in term of designer, obviously she is not the only one to do that kind of stuff, but it is pretty rare to find a young company to offer that kind of quality and this depth in the background of each collections. As I do like, roughly, the same interests that she has when she does her research for her work, I am really seduced by this house and especially this collection as it tends to describe what is the perfect outfit for a woman, obviously this is my own opinion, and I reckon that it is not shared by everyone.

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