Friday, 11 October 2013

Raf Simons AW13

Fashion week rhymes with new collection no? Even if it is time for the SS14 to come out, here we are, at the AW13 by Raf Simons unveiled earlier this year, and what collection I wanted to write a bit about it but as I took a too-long break during this summer this post only appears while the SS14 is running on the catwalk. Once again, a simple touch of colour with an elegant and well-cutted outfit in a way where Raf doesn't want the male-silouhette Balenciaga or Slimane-like anymore, he wants it to be more loose , less controlled, more vague and lively. It is almost a full cold-colours mix plus one light colour just to add a little flowery touch on it, yes Simons loves flower. Some of you would recognise what Raf started years ago, before this new century in 1999, Kinetic Youth for his A/W, we find the same cuts, large trousers, same coat-shape. Well it is like Raf Simons has returned from a long way back from over a decade, maybe his wonderful work at Dior where he perfectly fits in what the House required by following the step of Dior and merging their same love for arts brought him back to his arty state (even though he is known to play with all his knowledge in art with his own label), this state is more about what he brought on the catwalk at his beginning.

They are my favourites looks of this collection; I did really love the collaboration R.Simons made for Mr.Porter, it felt a bit more natural now after seeing those pictures, isn't it? For any informations about the Kinetic Youth collection in 1999 and even more I recommend you this wonderful essay about Raf Simons and his whole oeuvre in the fashion world by a famous fashion blogger, Hapsical.

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