Friday, 26 September 2014

Tatyana Parfionova - ТАТЬЯНА ПАРФЁНОВА

When I first came to Russia last week, I was hit by the perception of Russian fashion by the Russian people. For them it does not exist or it is only either trash or either way too expensive for what is it, which is another problem young designers have, as they do not know what segment they should put their collection in. Thanks to my friend, working at Norsoyan and R.E.D designers, I had this awesome insight of the business of fashion in Russia, its problems and its advantages. Along my trip, here in Russia, we went for few days in Saint-Petersburg to walk on the Nevsky, wander around the Hermitage, Catherine Palace and also, visit some concept and designers stores. He wanted to show me this designer, Tatyana Parfionova, St. Petersburg's most famous fashion designer. Tatyana moved to Leningrad from Ukraine when she was 8 and then founded in 1995, her own fashion house. I did not know what to expect from the outside but once we got inside the shop, like opening a new book, I was seduced by her universe.

Firstly, she is an artist above her designer's label, she has a home section along her clothing line. Her store in Saint-Petersburg is an all-in store, except menswear which is only available on order. The office, fitting room, rest room, home and collections display are all in the same room. After a quick look through her collection, I was impressed by the quality of the pieces and the originality of their designs, structured or unstructured with suits similar to some Thom Browne pieces with a print inside, making the suit unique. You can easily feel this cold and luxurious aspect of the Russian History with a touch of craziness as a real artist. Mixing colours, prints and cuts, it is like opening a book, you are attracted by a nice cover but then you can discover a charming story, that how I felt when I was browsing her womenswear collection for this winter. Each pieces (from the couture collection) are handmade by an efficient team, therefore each pieces are truly unique.

Style 1 // Style 2 // Style 3

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