Wednesday, 24 September 2014

西山 景子 - Keiko Nishiyama

Keiko is a fashion designer born in Tokyo in 1984 and studied BA Fashion and Performance in Tokyo, she is also based in Tokyo and London as she also did a MA Fashion Design at LCF after working as an assistant designer. She is my new favourite in the new wave of young designers. I came across her work few months ago and assisted to her défilé this September 12th in London, she was nominated and took part in the Ones to Watch show organised by Fashion Scout and the British Fashion Council. Her website, Keiko Nishiyama is very well detailed and you can read all about her new collections, her inspirations and her own adaptations.

Her first real collection is the AW13, inspired by British garden; She makes the drawings herself and asks to a Japanese digital printing company to deal with the printing part of the process, as she takes pride in the high skill of the Japanese people. Her designs include delicate prints originally drafted from hand drawn pieces and edited to create the imbalance in the garments which create visual illusions and is achieved through careful colouring. Her underlying concept and ideas of printing, the new and the old, flow from the idea of a “hybrid and cabinet of curiosity” where materials are mixed to create an atmosphere of mystery. As she did for her "first" collection a mix of old and new flowers to create this mystery around that old garden, where different eras intertwines.

This SS15 is her very first collection after being graduated, and - clearly inspired by the aquatic fauna, was a statement to art. She wanted to make this collection a living museum worn by her pieces, a moving aquarium was marching in front of us. Again the incredible quality of prints where remarkable - this is her own Japanese touch that we may find again soon in her next collections, but if the quality remains the same, without no doubt that it would be another success.

Style 1 // Style 2 // Style 3

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